Purple Knights News · Warren McDaniel Post 500 (American Legion Baseball) Recap

The American Legion Baseball Tournament resumed play, Friday June 25, at Kirsch Rooney Field, after a 5 day hiatus, due to an influx of rain, preventing games from being played. Ryan Foret faced your Warren McDaniel Post 500, baseball team. Those who may not be aware of, who Warren McDaniel was, he’s the first African-American in many of the ranks of the New Orleans Fire Department, that would later become the first African-American Superintendent of the NOFD in 1993.
He passed away on February 24, 2008.

It was a welcome return to the diamond for Coaches Rey, Manuel, Sartain & Washington and their young, yet exuberant Warren McDaniel Post 500 team, as they could finally get to playing ball. Despite it being a rough day for the young Warren McDaniel Post 500 team, the up side and potential is visible.

Batting Order for the Warren McDaniel Post 500:
Pitcher – #6 Howard Bachus
Shortstop – #4 Bryce Robinson
2nd Base – #10 Jefferey Duroncelay
Left Field – #12 Genesis Prosper
Center Field – #9 Jaxon Frazier Center Field
1st Base – #23 Tyree Adam
3rd Base – #34 Malcolm Venerable
Right Field – #11 Stewart McCall
Catcher – #17 Chase Eames

Game Recap:
SCHOOLS                 (R)    (H)    (E)
RYAN FORET            15      10      1
POST 500                    2       3       0

Post 500 Pitchers                                                                                (IP)       (K’S)     (WALKS)
Adam                    ½             0                   4
Bachus                2 ½           3                   2
Prosper                 2              3                   3