Multiple Teams · Darryl Landry Shocks Crowds With Game-Changing Effect

In football, when opportunity knocks, it’s essential that you are disciplined, fast, and ready to lead. Darryl Landry, 17, has a habit on the field that usually pulls spectators onto their feet in awe.

For the past two games, the running back with a career record of 516 rushing yards, has become the St. Augustine version of Usain Bolt, sprinting for 90 yards or more down the field, putting points on the scoreboard. “As soon as I step on the field for kick off I’m thinking touchdown. Before the ball even falls to me I’m thinking I have to do something great,” said Darryl.

Darryl’s impact is impressive and progressive. In 2014, when his teammate Lanard Fournette, the then starting running back, got hurt, Landry substituted for two games and rushed for over 100 yards in each game.  Darryl has been persistently pushing to help the Purple Knights win, especially since this is his last year. “Being able to get in the open field and quickness is what makes me an impact player in the city,” said Darryl.

He has college plans and NFL dreams, but is not a braggart. “I let my game speak for me. But if it ever did come to that it’s an honor and I’ll continue to play hard for my team,” Darryl said.

Check out Darryl’s highlights on Hudl.

By Evan Sams | Student Reporter