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The St. Augustine High School band, faculty and staff have selected Gerron Coleman, Carnell Carter, Daylen Briant and Marcus Keith as the Marching 100, band drum majors for the 2015-16 academic year.

“The position of drum major in the Marching 100 has a long legacy of service and student leadership,” said Eddie Williams, St. Augustine High School Director of Bands. “I know these students cherish that tradition and will strive to add to it as they serve next year.”

Each spring, the drum major candidates undergo a rigorous selection process that includes various components of each candidate’s participation in the band. This includes, but does not limit, the candidates’ individual academic performances, their experience in, and contributions to, the band as well as their command presence, integrity, respect among their fellow band members and how they represent St. Augustine High School.

Principal Sean J. Goodwin said, “these young men not only bring a strong background in music and band, but they are also knowledgeable about the tradition and history of the school and the Marching 100.” “They are excellent role models for our entire community.”

Qualified drum major candidates prepare several weeks for tryouts that include a demonstration of basic baton and whistle commands as well as conducting skills. Final candidates must submit an essay and are required to conduct the band in various selections and drills.

A committee of band directors and alumni members make the final selection following a round of interviews. The band director makes the announcement and passes along the honor and responsibility to lead the Marching 100 in the next academic year.

“Membership in the Marching 100 is extremely demanding, physically, and requires tremendous endurance,” Williams says. “Our drum majors are leaders and they must perform at an even higher level.” The St. Aug Marching 100 is known for their high stepping style, musical repertoire ranging from Top 40 hits to classical marching band literature, and cutting-edge choreography.

2015 – 2016 Marching 100 Drum Majors

Gerron Coleman is four-year band member. He is a senior and plays tenor drum.
“It is a honor to have been selected to serve the Marching 100 as a drum major in the upcoming season.” said Coleman. “It is my pleasure to be part of an organization with such a distinguished history and dedicated alumni.”

Senior Carnell Carter is a four-year band member and plays the trumpet.“It’s a great honor to serve as a drum major this year,” said Carter. “I’m looking forward to being a leader for future members and passing on the tradition as others did before me.”

Junior Daylen Briant is a four-year band member serving as a member of the color guard.
“I am excited to contribute to the Marching 100 as one of its drum majors,” said Briant. “It’s an honor and a privilege to help lead such a prestigious organization.”

Senior Marcus Keith is a six-year band member and plays the trumpet. “I feel it is a privilege to serve as a drum major for the Marching 100,” said Keith. “I look forward to the opportunity to work with such incredible students and staff while helping to keep the traditions of the Marching 100 alive.”

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